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Film composer

Simon Boswell




SANTA SANGRE  Alejandro Jodowrowski's 

                                    Original Film Music by Simon Boswell( The Composer's 30th Anniversary Edition)

This year  we are celebrating Simon's film score of 'Santa Sangre' with a double vinyl of the original music containing a huge amount of previously unreleased material compiled from his old DAT tapes by the maestro himself.


This Album is an EXCLUSIVE Flick Records production and is only available for sale here in our shop!



Includes free digital download!













DEMONS 2 The Iconic Horror Movie directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento

Simon Boswell combines dark electronic prog grooves with violently smashing rock.The result is an epic musical score rich with Analog Synthesizers, Guitars tense rhythms and Boswell’s signature atmospheres. Welcome To The World Of Demons. Contains unreleased tracks and a remixed track by Motion Kapture

Composers signed very limited edition Xmas offer 2019

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