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Original soundtrack double cd by Simon Boswell of Richard Stanley's 'Hardware'
Recorded and mixed at Chateau Hambalt Studio's, Clapham, London 1990. New soundtrack mixed and edited at studio 210, London 2013.

Original artwork by Graham Humprey


Disc 1.
Opening Titles: 4:59
On The Road: 1:40
Twisted Night: 0:52
Acid Meditation: 2:42
Jill's Apartment: 3:12
Pure Hardware: 3:58
Droid Assembly: 2:46
Droid Pov: 1:24
Droid Attack: 3:43
Feathers: 2:54
Metal Finger: 3:07
Herbal: 2:55
Shower: 1:35
Cytotoxin: 1:52
Angry Bob Two: 0:35
The Abomination of Desolation: 1:37
These Fucking Americans: 0:59
This is What You Get: 0:39

No Flesh Shall Be Spared 4:11
Good Morning AmeriKa- featuring Iggy Pop as Angry Bob 1:40
Everything Is Under Control 2:38
Reno's Reindeer Steaks: 0:09
Crucifixion: 3:12
Alligator Heart: 1:25
A Message From Our Sponsors: 2:41
It's Horrible, I Love it, What is it?: 2:51
A Piece of Pipe- featuring Lemmy as the taxi driver: 0:48
Mark 13: 2:37
Silent Night: 0:50
Jill Burning: 2:05
Cockroach Tea: 2:45
Hardware: 2:12
I Dreamed It Was Raining 1:12

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Hardware double CD

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