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SANTA SANGRE, limited Special edition, original composer release!


Double gatefold, 2 x 12"
See-thru Invisible Man, crystal clear vinyl!


Original Artwork by contemporary Fine Artist Lg White

The definitive soundtrack now includes much unreleased,

exclusive material!


Four sides, 78 minutes of music including all score, previously unreleased score, songs performed by cast.

For the first time ever, this release also features all of the music recorded on the set of the film in Mexico City ( Circus band, Street music, Barrel organ) plus Simon Boswell/'the AND's live performance of Simon's song 'Close Your Eyes' featuring the succulent, manly voice of Mr. Jodorowsky himself.


All of this plus new orchestral versions by Simon Boswell and the Gringo Orchestra!


Include download code for full quality wav files!


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