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Simon Boswell

DEACON BRODIE music by Simon Boswell

Whilst I'm in a folky mood, here's an interesting piece of score. In 1997 I wrote the music for a BBC film starring Billy Connolly, called Deacon Brodie. It was about an 18th century Edinburgh city councillor, who maintained a secret life as a burglar, partly for the thrill, and partly to fund his gambling habit. With the following cue I composed a totally new, fictitious Scottish jig for one violin and then expanded it to full orchestra . We recorded it in Glasogow with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

The director, Philip Savile is best known here in the UK for his series 'Boys from the Blackstuff'. But early in the sixties, he cast an unknown New York folk singer in an obscure BBC play called 'The Madhouse on Castle Street'. The folk singers name? Bob Dylan.

This piece is an extract from a continuous 25 minute suite of orchestral music that I recorded for the film.

I hope you like it!

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