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Simon Boswell

Hack the Planet!

A super-cool date for your diary: Thursday, May 14th. I will be headlining at Cargo, London. It's an official Gala party for the Digital Shoreditch Festival. This is the first of a few exclusive gigs in 2015 to celebrate my 30 years as a Film, Games, TV OST composer. This year sees several notable film anniversaries of mine including: 'Phenomena, Hardware and Hackers' and I will play music from all of them.

There are so many stand-out surprises on the night, that I don't really know where to start but here goes for now...

1) We will present a Google Cardboard World FIRST: a #HackThePlanet VR APP, which is a 'Hackers 20th Anniversary' retro-mania experience developed in partnership with Flick Records, FCML, Formation, Sagberg and ScreenageRenegade. Cherry picked Android users will be able to take a 360 degree realtime trip, in sync with theAND performance of a new PsychFi Live track (see below). Be there or be the ones 10 years later pretending you were!

2) The #HackThePlanet 'One Brain' track, was originally recorded in Los Angeles in 1994 by myself and counter culture guru Timothy Leary with Italian astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terensi. In this world exclusive performance, 'theAND' will 'Tune In and Trip Out' with my new version of this piece featuring the lyrics Tim wrote and recorded with us 20 years ago. It will be accompanied by mind blowing vizuals, both on stage and simultaneously through the downloadable app.

3) "Hello!!!" The legendary YouTube creator Stuart Ashens will join theAND on stage as guest vocalist alongside our virtual friend Timothy.

4) On the same bill we are also proud to present special guest Mr. Weebl - he of the viral 'Narwhals' animated short, 'Badger Badger', Savlonic and some 250 Million YouTube hits! He will sing live and DJ an exclusive set with his own video projections.

5) Add to this mix one of my favourite bands, from Nottingham - Revenge of Calculon and you can understand why I am positively jumping up and down about all this!

6) Also on the night NOVA presents awesome acts from their monthly Cargo industry night: Tom Dunne, Those Goddamn Hippies, Lil Rice & Ollie Clark

7) Special signed Simon Boswell and theAND vinyls, CD's, T shirts, #HackThePlanet Google Cardboards, theAND flash drives and other useless but collectable paraphernalia will all be available on the night...

Stay tuned for further info!

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