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Simon Boswell

Horror Music Legends: Simon Boswell A new concert film documentary about Simon Boswell!

A new concert film documentary about Simon Boswell featuring live music and interviews.

Indiegogo ends next Friday, January 28th

The Indiegogo for Horror Music Legends: Simon Boswell is about to end and we need your help and support. Simon is offering limited exclusive deals on all of his vinyl records, CDs and digital albums for fans who want to buy copies of Hardware, Santa Sangre, StageFright, Demons 2 and more at prices that haven’t been offered before. Backers of the Indiegogo will be able to get the first physical copies of the new concert film documentary, as well as digital copies and the live soundtrack. Fans can also get producer credits for the film and Simon himself is offering a reward tier for his Masterclass program on how to be a professional level composer.

Also, all backers who pledge now will have instant access to the livestream broadcast from the Simon Boswell and Caduta Massi concert held at EartH London on December 11th, 2021. This was recorded at the same time as the filming crew captured the event in 4K high definition for use in the documentary. This livestream version will be available for you to view up until the release of the physical copies where it will be an extra on the Blu-ray and DVD.

Click the link to pledge and receive these exclusive backer rewards!

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