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Simon Boswell

Simon Boswell

DEACON BRODIE music by Simon Boswell

Whilst I'm in a folky mood, here's an interesting piece of score. In 1997 I wrote the music for a BBC film starring Billy Connolly, called Deacon Brodie. It was about an 18th century Edinburgh city councillor, who maintained a secret life as a burglar, partly for the thrill, and partly to fund his gambling habit. With the following cue I composed a totally new, fictitious Scottish jig for one violin and then expanded it to full orchestra . We recorded it in Glasogow with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. The director, Philip Savile is best known here in the UK for his series 'Boys from the Blackstuff'. But early in the sixties, he cast an unknown New York folk singer in an obscure BBC play ca

River King by Simon Boswell

I have posted a new, rarely known piece of mine on this website's homepage. The music is from the film 'River King' and is based on the novel by Alice Hoffman. It was directed by Nick Willing, a long term collaborator of mine. It stars Ed Burns and Jennifer Ehle. I composed this theme for 7 stringed instruments: 2 guitars, 2 harps, ukelele, banjo and mandolin - though there is a full orchestra that arrives towards the end. I wanted this piece to convey some of the rippling river that wends it's way through it's Canadian backwoods setting and combine with the atmosphere of the local folk music. It was performed by myself and brilliant guitarist John Paricelli. Let me know if you all like thi


I have, in the past, miked up a TV set, but this is, in fact, an extremely cool guitar amp that I was trying out in the Studio. It's magical tone will soon be heard on 'the And's' new version of 'Everything is under Control' which is hermetically welded to 'It's horrible, I love it, what is it?' in an alchemical HARDWARE fusion on our upcoming 12inch release.

A VHS moment...

Ah, one of those VHS moments! Back in the Eighties when I was working on STAGE FRIGHT, I couldn't synchronise my VCR to my reel to reel tape recorder or to my computer. There was a lot of rewinding, starting the video, starting the recorder, hitting the space bar, lots more swearing, more rewinding and on and on until the 1990's, when QuickTime rode in to town... But composing for Stage Fright was always fun. Who could resist scoring a bunch of pretentious actors being slaughtered? The movie is a gem - stylish, dreamlike, nasty. It just flowed in through my eyes and out through my fingers, no sweat... I hope you like it! Simon.


I awoke this morning to a phone call from Daniel Posada, producer of the movie REVERSAL which I scored a few months back. He was with old friends Richard Stanley and director David Gregory at the opening night shenanigans of the wonderful MORBIDO FESTIVAL in Mexico. If you ever get a chance to visit this festival, DO IT - it's great fun! Last year Daniel introduced us to his signature cocktail: the MUPPET - a variation on the tequila slammer. This lethal concoction fueled several nights at MORBIDO and later in Los Angeles where much merriment was had with the REVERSAL gang (as far as I can remember). Lola and I are sad not to be hanging out this year with all of you festival regulars - espec


I will post another competition question on FACEBOOK tonight at 7pm. PRIZE of one signed clear vinyl STAGE FRIGHT album and CD of your choice: CLOSE YOUR EYES, HARDWARE or STAGE FRIGHT. Be there!

'the And' recording tomorrow!

Tomorrow 'the And' go in to Air Studios to make our first recordings as a band. This will be for a limited edition vinyl available exclusively at Rough Trade stores. We will tour all of the Rough Trade shops in February and perform our full set with cinema screen back drop and video show. I will keep you posted on new dates as they are confirmed. I have recorded many of my orchestral scores at Air Studios: Photographing Fairies, Jack and Sarah, River King, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Cousin Bette, Jason and the Argonauts to name a few. My long time friend and engineer Geoff Foster presided over all these recordings. And so will he tomorrow. The studio belonged to The Beatles producer George M

Michele Soavi

I had a chat with Michele Soavi a few weeks back. We hadn't spoken for many years - I believe the last time was when he called and asked me to score 'Dellamorte Dellamore'. Sadly I was already committed to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in the States and I had to say no. I have always regretted that, as Michele is one of the finest directors to have come out of the Italian horror/giallo scene. I met him whilst I was working on 'Demons 2' with Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava. Michele has a cameo in 'Stage Fright' actually - as a young cop! He also has cameos in two other films I scored. A prize to the first person to name them! I knew the film as 'Aquarius', it's Italian title at the time, but i


The Stage Fright clear vinyls have arrived at Flick Headquarters. We have loads of special offers and packages involving all of the products. T shirts, vinyls, special signed vinyls, CDs, flash drives. Go to the SHOP and check them out. And be sure to browse through all the videos. There are interviews with myself and Richard Stanley, clips from various movies and previously unheard tracks. 'The AND' go in to Air Studios in Hampstead next week to begin our first recordings with my long term recording partner Geoff Foster, engineering. We have exciting tour news coming shortly!

Welcome to the NEW website!

After a night of furious trick or treating, is reborn all shiny new this November morning! We're ready to rock in to the future with my first ever BLOG, videos, photos and news! Plus we have new Vinyls, CD's, T Shirts and Flash drives in the SHOP (digital downloads available shortly). The latest release is my score to Michele Soavi's STAGE FRIGHT - on clear vinyl and CD. This score has been unvailable since 1989. Michele and I had a nice chat on the phone the other day and he agreed to write some sleeve notes about the music: 'By 1987, Simon Boswell had already contributed fantastic music and songs to Dario Argento's 'Phenomena' and scored all of Lamberto Bava's 'Demoni II'.

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